Our daughter, Nadezhda, was diagnosed in May 2010 with Dravet Syndrome at age 3. It is a rare and severe form of epilepsy. This blog is for updates on our lives, our thoughts, and feelings. Everyone needs a voice, and here, ours may be heard.
Also, while epilepsy is often misunderstood, Dravet Syndrome is altogether unheard of. We would like to be informative about Dravet Syndrome and supportive for others dealing with similar circumstances.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last Day of School Program

Nadezhda's Early Start Preschool was a wonderful thing for her this past school year.  I feel like she has become more social, her speech has improved, and she has received extra therapy there.  Don't get me wrong, she is still not where a four year old is supposed to be, but school has been helpful.  It has also been lovely for me.  I get a bit of a break from taking care of a 4 year old who has the mind and ability and commonsense of a 2 year old.  That is not an insult, just how it is.
So on the last day of her school year, the kids in the class did a cute singing and dancing program!  It was very sweet.  (All pics were taken with my phone because the camera battery died.  The quality of these pics is worse than usual, sadly.)

Dezh is the one in the pink shirt standing to the teacher's left

Doing a song with sunglasses.  Dezh got distracted and took off running

Dezh decided it was time for her to be front and center during one of the dances

Before we left on the last day, we took some pictures with her teachers.  She loves her teachers.  I think they like her too!
Ms Elery is Nadezhda's school teacher

Ms Richmond is the assistant teacher

Edie is Nadezhda's personal assistant

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